Children’s Ministry

Stanley Park Baptist Church provides child care every Sunday for infants up to and including Grade 5. It is the desire of our church to provide the best of care and safety for everyone who attends Stanley Park Baptist Church. To this end, all of our Nursery and Children’s workers are required to provide us with updated and current police checks. We also have registration procedures that are followed each week. More information regarding our Safety Standards can be received upon request.


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Nursery Programs: Ages Newborn to Age 3

Each week the children have a chance to have free play with a vast variety of toys. Through out the morning, they have songs a snack time and are taught a simple but very important truth. Some of the truths they have learned so far, as that Church is a special place, Jesus Loves Me, God Made Me Special.

Bible Town: Ages JK – Grade 5

Each week our Bible Town children participate in the beginning portion of the corporate worship service and then are dismissed to go to Bible Town for their lessons. At this time, they learn Bible truths through songs, scripture memory, their own time of offering, lessons, crafts and games.

For the past few weeks in BibleTown, we have started our lessons off with “God Sightings” – ways we saw God at work this week. It has been encouraging to hear how students see God in the starry night sky, in healing our colds and flus, in remaining with us in difficult times, and more. Feel free to ask your kids what was shared on Sunday, or other ways they saw God at work.

 As a way to encourage the students to know more about our church membership, and to prepare some soon-to-be BibleTown graduates for youth group, we have had Paster Peter join us in the morning. It has been great to have Peter in the classroom, getting to know and goofing around the kids, and generally sharing his awesome-ness with us!